Preparing For Your Move: 3 Steps You Can Take To Make Moving Faster, Cheaper, And Safer

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Choosing to hire a residential moving company to handle your upcoming move is the first step in taking a lot of stress out of the moving process. However, the steps you take before the moving company arrives can also have a huge impact on how smoothly your moving day goes. By choosing to complete each of the three steps below you can help to make your move faster, more affordable, and safer for both your belongings and your movers.

Step 1: Use Heavy Duty Bins To Pack Your Belongings 

Cardboard boxes have traditionally been used when packing for a residential move. However, there are quite a lot of disadvantages that come along with choosing to use cardboard boxes. For instance, cardboard boxes are easily penetrated by pests and can suffer significant moisture damage. Cardboard boxes can also be more difficult for your movers to stack since they are unable to support a large amount of weight and can often come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Heavy-duty plastic bins eliminate each of these issues and can therefore help to keep your belongings safe from damage and help ensure the safety of your workers by ensuring a secure load. 

Step 2: Gather As Many Items As Possible In One Section Of The House

While there are sure to be some items that you cannot move due to their size or weight, the majority of your belongings should be easy enough to move within your home. Rather than leaving boxes and other small items scattered throughout your home, take the time to stage as many of these items as possible in a single room or section of your home. This will help to shorten the amount of time it takes your movers to load your moving truck. This step alone can shave a significant amount of time off your moving job and therefore save you a bit of money on your moving company bill as well.

Step 3: Take The Time To Clean Before The Moving Company Arrives

Many people choose to wait until after their belongings have been removed from the home to start the process of deep cleaning. The reason for this decision is that it often seems easier to clean an empty house. While it is true that some things may be easier to clean once you have successfully moved out, you will want to at least get started on this process before the moving company arrives. For example, you will want to take the time to clean in and behind chairs and sofas in order to ensure items are not falling out when the movers try to load them onto the truck. If you fail to take the time to clean these items before the movers arrive, you could find yourself paying more for your moving services due to the slower pace at which the truck can be loaded.