Three Ways to Make Your Move Easier When Hiring a Professional Packing Service

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Moving can be a stressful time for those who don't initiate an efficient plan or those who neglect important details. Hiring professional movers is a good idea, especially when you have a fair amount of belongings to transport. Even if you hire a moving company to load and transport your belongings, you might find the task of packing to be a time consuming chore. Many movers offer packing services so you don't have to pack everything yourself, and some companies also offer the packing supplies you will need. Here are three ways to ensure a smooth transition as the movers pack up your belongings:

1. Decide Whether to Provide Your Own Packing Materials or Rent/Purchase Them From the Moving Company

Your moving company may have options for their packing services. That is, you may have the option to provide your own materials, or you may be able to rent or purchase some packing supplies from the movers. If you want to save a bit of money, consider supplying some of your own materials. Large cardboard boxes may be available for no charge if you ask around the neighborhood. Sometimes retailers and grocery stores discard cartons and boxes, many of which may be yours for the asking. In that case, you may need to only purchase some packing tape.

If you decide to use your own packing materials for large-screen TVs and computers, you might want to dig out the original packing such as foam inserts, etc., for the movers to use. This will make the packing easier for the movers, save time, and help secure your valuable items.

On the other hand, if you want to save time and not worry about scouting around for discarded boxes, you might prefer the convenience of purchasing moving boxes from your moving company. They will most likely also rent plastic bins or wooden crates that are extra durable. Crates as well as cardboard boxes are available in various sizes, ranging from small to extra large.

2. Determine How Many Boxes You Will Need (If You Are Supplying the Materials Yourself)

If you have decided to provide your own boxes for the packing service you've chosen, you'll need to have everything at hand for the movers. Having an adequate supply of boxes and packing materials ready is imperative, especially if the movers are charging by the hour. One way of determining how many boxes you may need is by the square footage of your home.

A small apartment of belongings may may require a much lesser quantity of moving boxes than that of a home with several bedrooms and a garage full of belongings to move. You might also refer to a packing calculator which is an online tool that can help you determine the quantity of materials you'll need. Either way, don't forget to have packing tape, bubble wrap, newspaper, etc. on hand if you are providing your own materials.

3. Provide Accurate Information to the Movers (If They Are Supplying the Materials)

The moving and packing company will need to obtain specific information from you if you decide to rent or purchase packing materials as part of the packing service. Typically, this means completing a short survey so the company will be able to determine the amount of supplies that will be needed. In addition, they may visit your home to to make an evaluation and offer a rough price quote or estimate. It is important to inform the movers of all belongings that need to be packed. If you overlook any of your belongings, you may fall short on the necessary quantity.