Moving Out At The Last Minute? 5 Steps To Get You To Your New Home

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Moving can be a stressful venture at any time, but when you have to vacate a home at the last minute, it's doubly so. If you find yourself in this predicament, here is a 5 step guide to getting it done...and surviving with your sanity. 

Hire Professionals. From trying to line up a group of friends with no notice to attempting to stay organized, last minute moving on your own is a recipe for chaos and overwork. Save yourself the stress and hire a professional moving service for the most difficult parts. They will be much better equipped to handle things in less time and with just as much care as those who can spend more time at the project.

Stock Up on Supplies. When time is a factor, you can't afford to waste it by running out of packing materials or supplies. Make sure you have more tape, boxes, and protective wrap on hand than you think you will need. 

Use Storage. Having a deadline may mean that you simply run out of time no matter how hard you try. A quick solution to this problem may be to rent a storage space nearby temporarily. This space can serve as a bridge for things you need to sort through, a staging area for your new home, and a stable location to place items that need more protection before placing in a moving van. 

Stay Organized. Create a system for labeling and organizing your boxes and other paraphernalia before you begin. It could be a color coded system that identifies different rooms in the new house or a numbering system, for example. Label all boxes with this system on two or more sides so you can identify them later. Place tags on larger items that will be traveling outside of boxes. 

Know Your New Space. Having an idea what can go in your new home (and where to put it) helps you understand what you should move and what you should get rid of. It will also help organize things for a speedy placement upon arrival. Take photos if possible, but definitely have a sketch handy. Be sure to use a measuring tape to create an outline that's accurately scaled (such as 2 feet per 1 inch on paper) so you can plan ahead. 

Implementing these five steps is sure to help you make the most of a last minute move...and maybe even enjoy the process a little.