Need A Small Storage Unit? Prioritize Qualities That Provide A Convenient Experience

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When you need to put all your belongings into a storage unit, you will need to consider important details such as vehicle clearance levels, security features, and climate control. But, you may be in a situation in which you only need a small storage unit for several months. Instead of choosing the storage facility that is closest to your home, you should focus on getting the most convenient features.

Supply Availability

Some storage companies do not sell any moving supplies in the front office. This is not a problem because people can get moving boxes and other supplies on their own. But, it can still make for an inconvenient experience, so you should look at facilities that are able to provide or sell moving supplies. Buying a furniture dolly is not something that you want to do when you do not have enough storage space at home and you do not want to put one in your storage unit only to get rid of it in just a few months. An ideal scenario is when a storage company rents out dollies and hand trucks to their customers. If you can buy moving boxes at the office, you will have an even easier time if a box gets damaged while in your unit.

Easy Access

It is helpful when you are able to easily access to the storage facility as well as the unit itself. For instance, you may have a facility nearby, but it may be located in a tough-to-reach location. The best places for short-term storage allow you to drive through the front gate and right up to your storage unit. This will prevent you from having to walk far to either get into your unit or move your belongings into storage.

Hours of Operation

In an ideal situation, you do not want to be restricted from visiting your storage unit for many hours. Facilities that operate on standard business hours are tough to use when you work during these hours. So, make sure to find a place that is open at night and for at least a few hours on the weekends. This should cover most of your commitments so that you can easily find some time to visit your storage unit.

When you only need a small-sized storage unit, you should not hesitate to look for the most convenient features because this will provide you with a smooth and stress-free rental experience.