4 Ways To Get Your Kitchen Ready For A Move

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If you are planning on moving, you will quickly find that your kitchen can be one of the most time-consuming parts of your house to pack up. Not only do you have to pack up a bunch of fragile and awkwardly shaped items,but  you also have to move all the food.

Go Through Your Pantry

About a week before your move, spend some time going through your pantry. You may be surprised at how many expired items are lurking in your pantry that you should throw away and not cart with you to your new home. You should also make a pile of items that you purchased, but have no interest or intent to actually use, such as that can of artichokes you bought for that recipe you never made. Items that are still good but that you will not use can be dropped off for donation at a local food pantry.

Any half-opened boxes or items that you don't plan on eating in the next week should be thrown away as well. If you want to reduce the amount of food items that you have to move to your new home, you can also use this cleaning period to create a pantry-centric meal plan for the next week that will help you use up food items that are already in your home.

Start Packing Seasonal Items

Next, start packing up seasonal items or items that you don't use that often. For example, do you need to have access to your entire wine glass collection for the next week, or all of your shot glasses? Pack up the specialty items that you don't use on a daily basis first.

That includes cooking items that you don't use that often as well. Having a meal plan in place for your last week can help you figure out what kitchen tools to pack. Do you need to use your wok this week, or do you really plan on making muffins? Pack up specialized items that you will not use first.

Create A Top Priority Box

Have one top priority box. This should be the last box you pack and the first box you unpack. It should include whatever is essential for your cooking needs, such as a set of plates or bowls, a frying pan, a spatula and a can opener, or whatever items in your kitchen you know you would want to use in the first 24 hours after you move.

Get an Ice Chest Ready

For all the items in your fridge, you are going to want to have an ice chest ready on moving day. Put all the items from your fridge and freezer into your ice chest and have someone ready to drive it directly to your new home and unpack it.

If for some reason you don't have a fridge set up at your new home, see if you can store all your fridge items in a friend's fridge and freezer until your new fridge/freezer is set up.

Contact a moving company if you need assistance with your move.