Having A Smooth Move For Your Business

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Moving a business is very different from moving a personal residence. When mistakes occur during the move, it could spell disaster for your business. While moving a business will require additional planning, a variety of problems can be avoided with a handful of basic steps.

Prioritize Your Packing

Your business will likely need to remain operational for as long as possible during the move. Prioritizing your packing is an important aspect of this. By starting the packing process with items and materials that may not be needed on a regular basis, you can wait to pack the more critical components closer to the day of the move. Meeting with your department heads will allow you to prepare a packing plan that will be as efficient as possible for every department.

Insure Any Critical Equipment

Businesses will commonly have highly specialized or otherwise customized machines that will have to be used. These devices will frequently be extremely expensive. Unfortunately, the process of packing and moving these items can lead to damage. Protecting your business from being responsible for these costs will require the purchase of an insurance policy that covers moving related damages. Most professional moving companies will be able to offer this type of insurance so that you can easily protect your equipment.

Backup Data That Is Stored On Your Computers

Sensitive data can also be at risk during a move. Hard drive damage and failure can cause your business to lose mass amounts of essential data. All essential or otherwise sensitive data should be copied and moved separately. Ideally, a cloud storage service would be the most convenient, but some industries may not be able to use this option due to strict data storage requirements.

Have A Plan For Informing Your Customers Of The Move

Moving can be extremely disruptive for your customers as they may be unable to locate your business's new home. Creating a thorough plan for informing customers of the move will be a vital step for minimizing any revenue decreases that may be experienced. For the best results, you should consider starting the process of informing customers several weeks in advance of the move.

This can be done by placing flyers around the store or sending a message to the customers on your email list. In addition to informing your current customers of your move, you may want to place signs or other advertisements in the vicinity of the new location. This can help to inform potential new customers of your business's arrival.

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