The Challenges You'll Have When Moving Your Piano On Your Own

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Are you moving to a new place, but have a very large piano that you want to take with you? This is not exactly something that you can disassemble to make it smaller and more manageable to move. While you can do the job on your own, this may be one time where you want to hire professional full piano movers to handle it for you. That's because you'll likely run into these challenges along the way if you do it yourself.

Door Frames Not Big Enough

The biggest problem that you'll run into is if you have door frames that are not big enough to get the piano out of your home. It is not uncommon for situations like these that professional piano movers have to resort to using odd methods to get a piano in and out of your home. This includes taking the piano out through a window and using special equipment to safely lower it to the grounds.  

Even if you had no problem getting the piano into your current place, will it easily fit through doors to get into your new place? It's always worth measuring door frames at your current home and your destination to see where you can potentially run into trouble. 

Accidental Damage

When you move a piano on your own, there is a huge risk of causing accidental damage to the instrument that changes how it looks and sounds. A piano is not exactly something that you want to run out and replace either if it is not working right, and repairs can end up costing you money out of your own pocket in the end. 

One of the benefits of hiring piano movers is that they carry insurance when they move a piano, no matter how expensive it is. If something were to happen where accidental damage was caused to your piano during the move, insurance would help pay for the damages and repair your piano so that it was just like it was before the move. This can give you peace of mind that you do not have to worry about damaging a piano during a move because repairing accidental damage will not cost you a thing. 

Are you convinced that you should not be moving your piano on your own? Reach out to a piano mover in your area that can give you more information about using their services.