4 Tips For Moving Plants From Your Garden

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Are you relocating to a new home but you don't want to leave all of your plants behind at your old home? If so, it will help to know the following moving tips for your plants. 

Avoid Moving In The Summer

If you are able to decide on the time of year that you are moving, you'll want to pick the spring or fall if possible. This is because the roots are going to be very dry during the summer, and having plants under direct sunlight while driving to your new home is not going to be good for them. Uprooting the plants in the cooler months will help them survive by not having to deal with the heat while they are out of the ground.

Put Potted Plant Bases In Boxes

A common mistake is putting a potted plant directly onto a moving truck. This is because it can tip over and cause a big mess by spilling soil all over the back of the truck. A good solution to this problem is to pack potted plants into boxes. Having the base of the plant in a box will not only contain dirt if it does tip over, it will also give the pot a wider base so that it won't tip over accidentally. For taller plants, you'll need to make a hole in the top of the box for the plant to stick out of, or just fold the tops of the box inward so that you can use the wider base of the box.

Know How To Transport Outdoor Plants

Many of your outdoor plants will need some sort of receptacle to put them in to contain the mess and protect the roots. Consider purchasing some basic receptacles for your plants at your local home improvement store. Even a thin plastic pot is going to be better than nothing, and it can be used to put several plants into a box and keep them all upright. If you have very large plants that are too big to fit into a pot, you can actually wrap the roots of the plant in burlap to help protect it and contain the mess. 

Know When To Water The Plants

It is a good idea to water your plants the day before your move while the roots are still in the ground. The water will help keep the soil moist and loose to make it easier to take them out of the ground. In addition, the wet roots are going to help the plants survive the move better than if they were dry. 

Ask a local moving company for more tips when it comes to moving your plants.